What is Upa?

Upa is a Discord bot lets you pull your favorite characters from popular anime, manga, games, and more. Collect, show off, and get your name on the leaderboards!

How do I start?

Simply invite the bot to your server and use /roll. Beyond that, /help is a good place to start.

I don't see the character I want :(

Join our Discord server and help suggest more characters!

What does it look like?

Why this bot?

  • A rarity system from 1 through 5 stars, including rate-up events
  • A website to share your collection with others
  • Global leaderboards & achievements to show off your efforts
  • A tracker to see what order you pulled a character compared to others. Be the first to own a character!
  • Rewards for pulling more and being in an active server
  • Trade characters, wishlist, and receive selector tickets
  • A community-driven effort to add more characters and suggest more features